Radioactive dating uranium

They purportedly show an immense cavity and crack in its surface, showing us where the nuclear explosion has taken place.He adds that the area is strewn with crushed, burnt and blackened rocks, which contain a highly unusual ratio of isotope uranium-235, “indicating in expert opinions exposure to sudden immense heat of nuclear origin”, to quote Sitchin.Indeed, Sitchin has looked towards such genetic manipulations and claims to have “read” such accounts in the Sumerian myths; others who have read the same accounts nevertheless remain unconvinced.However, at present, our understanding of the gene pool does not allow us to even begin to look where we could find evidence inside that gene pool whether ET intervened in it or not.Alas, consultation of the report itself reveals that Sitchin has been more than “selective” in his summary of this report.

Like von Däniken, Sitchin’s work has been popular, but unlike von Däniken, Sitchin has definitely failed in making any impact on the scientific community – though he has made a major contribution to the “conspiracy theories” out there, who see some of the wars fought in the Middle East as having a “clear” alien component.As there are references to “volcanic ash” in the abstract and summary of the report, the question should be asked why Sitchin failed to see this.The problematic verification of Sitchin’s claim is not a new allegation and is a known problem for his theories.One of the other “best candidates” for best evidence is the conquest of the atom – nuclear warfare, which according to Sitchin is precisely what occurred in the Middle East in the third millennium BC.In support for this conclusion, he has consistently relied upon photographs of the Sinai Peninsula, taken from space.

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